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Mega Motion

Mega Motion MM-3712 Infinite Position Lift Chair with 3-Zone Heat


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The MM-3712 Infinite Position Lift Chair is one of two Mega Motion lift chairs that come with four motors. Each motor has its own function controlling the backrest, leg rest, headrest, and lift mechanism individually. It also includes a 3-zone heat system that warms the backrest, the lumbar region, and leg rest independently. The chair is designed to provide enhanced comfort and flexibility, for individuals with mobility issues with these amazing features.

Recommended User

Individuals with mobility issues who suffer from different ailments such as: joint discomfort, backpain, muscle pain, and other conditions that stress the body will benefit from the recliner's infinite positions, adjustable headrest, four motors, and lift mechanism. The lift mechanism raises the user from a seated position to a standing position getting you back on your feet with ease. Lift recliner fits individuals who stand 5'7" to 6’2” tall and weigh less than 375 lbs. 

Infinite Recline Settings with LayFlat feature

Enjoy Infinite reclining settings that smoothly transition from an upright position to about 180 degrees. It's ideal for reading, watching TV, talking with friends, and enjoying rejuvenating naps. When you want to take a long nap or get a good night's sleep, activate the layflat feature that reclines completely flat like a bed. With the press of a button, the leg rest stretches out while the backrest reclines to a horizontal position.

Four Motors to Target Body Zones

Equipped with four motors that operate the backrest, leg rest, headrest, and lift mechanism individually offering the most customization to find the most comfortable position.  

  • Backrest Adjustment:  One motor is dedicated to adjusting the backrest, allowing the user to recline or sit upright at different angles.
  • Leg rest Adjustment:  Another motor controls the movement of the leg rest, providing flexibility to elevate or lower the legs independently of the backrest.
  • Headrest Adjustment:  A third motor allows user to customize the angle and support for their head and neck.
  • Lift Mechanism:  The fourth motor is responsible for the lift mechanism, assisting the user in standing up or sitting down by gently tilting the entire chair forward or backward.

The four motor system enables users to find the most comfortable and supportive positions for various activities, such as reading, watching TV, napping, or simply relaxing. The increased functionality and precision make four-motor lift chairs a popular choice for individuals seeking a highly customizable and versatile seating solution. 

3-Zone Heat System for Pain Relief

Experience the luxury of a 3-zone heat system that warms the backrest, lumbar, and leg rest. The backrest zone caters to your upper body, the lumbar zone targets your lower back, and the leg rest zone ensures your lower limbs experience the perfect amount of warmth. Customize your comfort with individualized heat settings for each zone providing targeted relief to soothe tired muscles, alleviate tension, and enhance overall well-being. 

Adjustable Headrest and Extended Footrest for Customized Support

Elevate your comfort with the adjustable headrest feature. Perfect for individuals dealing with neck discomfort or stiffness. The adjustable headrest allows you to customize the angle of the headrest to find the ideal position that caters to your head and neck.

The extended footrest provides additional support to your legs and feet helping to reduce swelling and fatigue. This feature is useful for individuals who are suffering from conditions like edema, varicose veins, or poor blood circulation in their legs.

Hand Controls, USB Port, and Side Pockets for Ultimate Convenience

The user-friendly hand controls can be easily operated with either hand putting the control at your fingertips. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected to your devices, thanks to the built-in USB port that allows for easy charging of phones, tablets, and computers directly from your seat. The recliner is also equipped with two side pockets, making it easy to store your belongings. 

Guaranteed Warranty and Battery Backup System

Relax with peace of mind as Mega Motion power lift recliners come with a lifetime warranty on the steel lifting mechanism. Your purchase also includes an one-year warranty for the motor, hand controls, scissor mechanism, and control boxes to ensure your relaxation comes with guaranteed satisfaction. In case of emergencies or power outages, the battery backup system ensures the chair will continue to operate once batteries are inserted.


  • Infinite Recline Positions: Perfect for sitting, reading, watching tv, or taking a nap; reclines to about 180 degrees
  • 4 Motor: Controls backrest, leg rest, headrest, and lift mechanism separately to find the most comfortable position to help with pain
  • 3-Zone Heat: Stimulates blood flow and provides pain relief; backrest, lumbar, and leg rest
  • Large Size Chair: Offers more support for taller and bigger frames, recommended user height 5'7" to 6'2"
  • Adjustable Headrest: Allows for adjustment of head and neck position to reduce strain
  • Extended Footrest: Supports legs and feet, reduces edema and fatigue
  • Layflat Feature: Reclines completely flat like a bed, ideal for sleeping
  • Ergonomic Large Hand Control w/Keypad: Allows for easy operation to control each feature independently with either hand
  • USB Charging Port and Two Side Pockets: Convenient way to charge your electronic devices and easy access storage
  • Battery Backup System: Ensures continued operation by using 9-volt batteries


Product Details
Brand Name Mega Motion
Model 3712 Ovation
Product Type Power Lift Chair
Recline Position Infinite Position
Motor Type 4 Motor
Material 100% Polyester
Color Ebony, Mink, Stone
Frame Material Hardwood
Delivery Time 1 to 2 weeks
Lifetime Warranty Steel Lift Mechanism
One Year Warranty Motor, Hand Control, Scissor Mechanism, Transformer/Control Boxes, Labor
Assembly Required Yes
Equipped with Battery Backup Yes
Country of Origin Made in USA


Tip: Hover over dimension title in table for explanation on measurement and its importance

Suggested Height Range 5'7" to 6'2"
Chair Weight Capacity 375 lbs
Chair Size Large
Overall Width 36"
Overall Height 42"
Overall Depth 42"
Minimum Required Distance to Wall 14"
Seat Width  (width between armrest) 19"
Seat Height  (floor to top of seat) 21"
Seat Depth  (front edge of seat to backrest) 20"
Fully Reclined Length 72"
Arm Rest Height  (floor to top of armrest) 26"
Product Weight 149 lbs
Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Information

White Glove Delivery is the method each Mega Motion Lift Chair is delivered to youThe chair will be delivered directly to your home and set up in the room of your choice. We want to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for you. Below is our shipping policy:

Order Processing:

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email. This confirms that we have received your order in our system and have pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. Once we have received your order, we immediately reach out to Mega Motion to ensure the lift chair is in stock and available for immediate shipment. Typically, your order will be ready to ship in 1-2 days. In the event that your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and notify you via email.


We understand that circumstances may change. If you need to cancel your order after 48 hours from the time of purchase, please be aware that a $20 administration fee will be charged, regardless of whether your order has shipped or not. Refund will be credited to the original payment method used when placing your order.

Tracking Your Order:

Once your lift chair has been shipped, you will be provided a tracking number via email. You can use this tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment and the expected delivery date. We recommend regularly checking the tracking information for any updates.

Shipping Time:

You can expect your lift chair to arrive in approximately 1-2 weeks from your order date. However, please note the lift chair may arrive sooner depending on the warehouse location its shipping from and your home address. While we strive to meet the arrival time, unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or other external factors may occasionally cause delays.

White Glove Delivery:

White Glove Delivery includes the following services:

  • Delivery to your home: Our professional delivery crew will bring the chair directly to your specified delivery address.
  • Unpacking and placement: The delivery crew will carefully unpack the chair for you and place it in the location you have chosen.
  • Removal of packaging materials: All packaging materials will be removed and hauled away by our delivery crew, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the shipping policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at We are here to assist you throughout the process and ensure a smooth delivery.


Return Policy

We understand that sometimes a product may not meet your expectations. We regret to inform you that Mega Motion does not accept returns due to buyer's remorse. However, if your lift chair arrives damaged Mega Motion will replace or repair it at no cost to you. Please read the following Return Guidelines below:

Damaged or Defective Items:

If your lift chair arrived damaged or in a defective state, please take photos of the damage and email us at We will promptly contact Mega Motion to arrange for the repair or replacement of the item. 

Buyer's Remorse:

We regret to inform you that Mega Motion does not accept returns due to buyer's remorse.


Warranty Policy

Mega Motion offers a lifetime warranty on the steel lift mechanism and a one-year guarantee on the motor, hand control, scissor mechanism, transformer/control boxes, and labor. This is to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Lifetime Warranty on Lifting Mechanism:

    • Steel lift mechanism will be free from defects under normal use as long as the chair is used by the original owner.
    • This warranty protects against metal fatigue, defective welds, and bushings. 

    Note: Mega Motion reserves the right to replace the part of the steel lift mechanism that might be defective.

    One-Year Limited Warranty:

    Mega Motion will provide labor, service calls, shipping, and/or any other charges incurred for repair of the product for one year. All transportation costs and shipping damage incurred while submitting parts for repair or replacement are the responsibility of Mega Motion. 

    For one (1) year from the date of purchase, Mega Motion will repair or replace the following parts if found to be defective in material and/or workmanship:

    • Motor: - The motor on a lift chair is an essential electrical component that enables the chair to perform its lifting and reclining functions. It is usually located in the base of the chair and is responsible for powering the mechanism that raises and lowers the chair, as well as controlling its recline positions. This warranty ensures that your motor is free from material defects and workmanship issues. If you encounter any problems within the first year of your purchase, rest assured that Mega Motion will repair or replace the motor to keep your lift chair operating at its best.
    • Hand Controls: - Hand controls for lift chairs are devices that allow users to operate and control the movement and positioning of the lift chair with ease. Hand controls activate the lifting mechanism to help people rise up from a seated position and to lower into seated position. Second, hand controls let users adjust the reclining motion to relax, read, or watch TV. Thirdly, the hand control easily adjusts the footrest for ideal leg and foot support. Finally, modern lift chairs may allow customers to save their favorite positions on the hand control. A button presses the chair to these preset configurations for a personalized seated experience. If you encounter any problems with the hand control within the first year of purchase, Mega Motion will promptly address the issue and provide a suitable solution. 
    • Scissor Mechanism: - The scissor mechanism on lift chairs is a crucial component responsible for the lifting and lowering functionality of the chair. It is a mechanical system that enables the chair to smoothly transition between different positions, allowing the user to sit, recline, and stand with ease. The scissor mechanism is typically located at the base of the lift chair and consists of a series of linked metal bars that form a scissor-like shape. When the lift chair is activated, an electric motor or hydraulic system powers the scissor mechanism, causing it to expand or contract. This movement results in the chair either lifting the user to a standing position or reclining back into a comfortable sitting or reclining position. The one-year warranty ensures that the scissor mechanism is free from defects and performs its lifting function smoothly and reliably. 
    • Transformer/Control Boxes : - The transformer/control box on a lift chair is a crucial component responsible for converting electrical power to the appropriate voltage and controlling the chair's motor functions. It is essentially the power source and control center of the lift chair, allowing users to operate the chair's lifting and reclining mechanisms through the hand control. The control box serves as a central hub where all the electrical connections and wiring from the chair's motors, hand control, and power supply come together. It ensures that the different components work together seamlessly and efficiently. With the one-year warranty on these components, you can be confident that they are of high quality and free from any manufacturing defects.
    • Labor: In addition to the component warranties, Mega Motion provides a one-year warranty on labor for any repairs or service required on your lift chair. If any issues arise during the first year, Mega Motion will cover the labor costs for repair and service, allowing you to enjoy your lift chair without any added expenses.

    Warranty Limitations and Exclusions:

    The warranty coverage applies to manufacturing defects or malfunctions that occur under normal use and proper handling of the lift chair.

    Exclusions: Please note that the warranty does not cover:

    1. Accident, negligence, misuse, or abuse by customer
    2. Fabric and normal wear and tear
    3. Steel frame chairs
    4. Product maintenance and adjustments
    5. Repairs and/or modifications made to any part without specific consent from Mega Motion
    6. Contamination
    7. Battery fluid spillage or leakage
    8. Improper operation, maintenance, or storage
    9. Commercial use or use other than normal


    Click here for full warranty policy. If you have any questions or need assistance with warranty claims, please email us at

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